Physics 130-Labs
West Chester University - Spring 2006

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Philosophy of Laboratory

The laboratories you experience in this class are designed to do several things:
It is important to understand that collaboration with lab partners in laboratories is to end the moment you leave lab so as to present no question of academic dishonesty.  Past students have often had difficulty understanding the difference between copying the data collected (which is okay) and copying analysis (which is not).  As much of your analysis will be done using computers, it is important to demonstrate that you personally are doing the work without outside
help.  Identical formatting of analyses (including any calculations) is extremely hard to do independently and will be cause for you to demonstrate your understanding of the analysis on the spot.  If you have questions about analyses, please see me in office hours and I will be pleased to help you.

Lab Grading

Labs will be graded either as indicated in lab or by a standard template.  As indicated in lab will usually specify what you are expected to turn in for credit and will be clearly marked below in the table.  

A sample standard grading template can be found here.  Read this document before you turn in your labs, and if you have any questions about it, ask! Note that labs that are illegible will not be accepted for grading.  If you have any question about your ability to write neatly and legibly, type it!  More information regarding the formal lab will be given out later.

Please come prepared to lab by

Certain labs will require you to save data to take home. As such, always come prepared with thumbdrive or floppy disk.  Most labs will be due the following week at the start of lab, but there will be some exceptions. When this is the case, it will be announced in the schedule notes and in class.

Attendance Policy

You are expected to attend every lab. Absences for reasons outlined in the University's excused absence policy are, of course, permitted. However, written notification is needed so that I can give you proper credit (see below). Also, if you need to miss a class or exam for a religious reason, I expect written notification at least a week in advance: if your religion is important enough to you to miss class for a holiday you should know about it before hand. Students who miss a lab without a valid excuse (see above) will not be permitted to make it up.

Click on the links below to download a lab.  

Lab #
Title & Link
Using Spreadsheets in Physics
    in XLS format
    in OpenOffice format
indicated in lab
Falling Motion (pdf)
standard grading
Projectile Motion (pdf) standard grading
Angular Kinematics standard grading

OpenOffice Solutions

Excel Solutions
Data for part 2
Newton's Laws (pdf) standard grading 7
Conservation of Energy (pdf) standard grading 8
Collisions (pdf) standard grading 10
Impulse (pdf) standard grading 11
Written by Dr. Matt Waite
standard grading
Calculation of Uncertainty
Hooke's Law standard grading 13
Waves standard grading 14
12 Hydrostatics
indicated in lab 15