Physics 130-Syllabus
West Chester University - Spring 2006

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General Physics I

Instructor: Dr. Tim Niiler
Phone: 610-436-2897
Email: thebin {at } niiler { dot} com
Meeting Times: MW: 4:15-5:30pm
Classroom: Boucher 112
Office Hours: MWF: 2-3 pm, R: 1-3 pm, or by appointment
Text: Cutnell & Johnson 6th Edition

Course Description:
This course is an overview course designed to teach mechanics of fluid and solids, wave motion, and some kinetic theory using algebra 2 and trigometry.

3 Exams @ 10% each 30%
Cumulative Final 20%
Homework 25%
TOTAL 100%

Course Requirements:
Attendance Policy
You are expected to attend every class. Absences for reasons outlined in the University's excused absence policy are, of course, permitted. However, written notification is needed so that I can give you proper credit (see below). Also, if you need to miss a class or exam for a religious reason, I expect written notification at least a week in advance: if your religion is important enough to you to miss class for a holiday you should know about it before hand. Students are permitted three unexcused absences without penalty. Afterwards, unexcused absences will cost 1/4 of a letter grade (2.5% off your final grade). So please, if your absence is excused, let me know so that it doesn't cost you.

Homework is assigned at the beginning of every chapter. The homeworks will consist of around 15 problems (+/- 5) from each chapter.  Homework due dates will be posted online and noted on your assignments. On the due date of homeworks there will be an open note quiz in which a random homework problem is chosen.  You will have five minutes from the start of class to complete this problem. Late comers will not be given extra time.    If you have a valid reason to be absent (see the Student Handbook) this grade will be dropped.  Otherwise you will receive a zero.  Plan to be in class on time.   

There will be three in-class exams and one final (cumulative). Exams will consist of short answer, fill in, and problems. The best way to practice for them is to do your homework. Ninety-five percent of the material on an exam comes from homework in some form or another. Exams may only be made up with the prior consent of Dr. Tim Niiler for reasons outlined in the University's excused absences policy.

Extra Credit
This will appear on exams, and sometimes on homeworks.  No other extra credit will be available. 

Other information
We at West Chester University wish to make accomodations for persons with disabilities. Please make your needs known by contacting Dr. Tim Niiler and the Office for Students with Disabilities at ext. 3217. Sufficient notice IS needed in order to make accomodations possible. The University desires to comply with the ADA of 1990.